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2. Simulation programs

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2.2. Program complex Mathcad

Lists of the articles disposed on Russian version of a site are more low brought, and references to the articles translated into English are given. In process of a translation of articles and methodical instructionses references to the English version here will be added.

Shortly about Mathcad

The Main panel Mathcad 12

Program Mathcad is the powerful and effective instrument of the quantitative representation and investigation of analytical models.

Singularity of this program is presence of the "clever" worksheet field, allowing to put to a Mathcad of the task and to gain solutions in the form, close to the customary mathematical.

Mathcad presence in an arsenal of the researcher or the engineer does not cancel necessity of knowledge him of mathematics. The Mathcad is the instrument of the investigator, it is no more and not less. But existence of such instrument allows to look in a new fashion at the concept of learning of mathematics in high schools, and at school. Now the mathematician for engineers can state, not adding, as earlier, excessive importance to technical details of the demonstration of different positions and obtaining of outcomes, for example determinations of prototypal. At the same time, the Mathcad allows to give more attention to setting of tasks and the analysis of outcomes of their solution. But it is given nothing free of charge: instead of learning of details of a mathematical apparatus now it is necessary to study singularities of implementation of solutions in a Mathcad!

Advantages of Mathcad:

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