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Simulation. Automatic control theory and adjacent problems

Макаров Николай Николаевич


Hello, Boris Trofimovich.

I write to you concerning your article
About calculation and plotting of frequency characteristics of linear systems in Mathcad ...
In summary I wish to thank you for your site and to express delight with your enthusiasm and a disinterested mad about control science. Now it meets not too often.

Yours faithfully,

Makarov Nikolay Nikolaevich,

dr., professor of sub-faculty of automatic control systems of the Tula state university


Dear Boris Trofimovich!

I in delight from all your proceedingses on an ACTh (an automatic control theory)!

I am proud that such teachers have not disappeared still!

With pleasure I will help advancing forwards if it is necessary.

Yours faithfully,

Salikov Leonid Mihajlovich

dr., professor of department of cybernetics and mechanotronic RUFP (the Russian university of friendship of the people)


Dear Boris Trofimovich!

It was very interesting to read articles of this fine issued site. Especially devoted to Volterra's series,
About detailing of structure of model of nonlinear inertia system
which it was necessary to me understand and apply about 30 years ago.
But a signal I never personally saw. And here for you has seen.
All the best!
Sergey Loginov

Remarks. More complete citation from Loginov Sergey Arsenevich's letter docent, k.f-m.s. from his kind consent it is brought in Adding in the article

30.04.2008 - 6.06.2008

Hello, Boris Trofimovich.

I read your methodical instructionses, etc. materials, and I should express delight - to what all (or nearly so all) clearly and very interestingly to read. All "is chewed" for the most dull.
today i.e. on 6th of June I have defended the diploma in technical school. (The technician, Automation of Tecnological processes and Productions). I wish to express to you huge gratitude for the help in writing of a computational part of the diploma devoted to selection and set-up of parametres of the regulator in program VIsSim.

Yours faithfully, Drobot Oleg

Persmky region, Solikamsk

Drobot Oleg 2008 г

The memorable certificate

Laboratory works at the rate of an ACTh (automatic control theory)

The memorable certificate

Site Section "Totals of competitions"


Dear Boris Trofimovich!

I has with the great pleasure read yours a course of lectures , everything, that has discovered in the Network. The Etude about complex numbers. my judgement, judgement of the person which is engaged in an Automatic control system (I work in the corporation, for which Automatic control system (ACS), the automatic regulatory system (ARS), normal abbreviations, besides, I end the master's thesis) - in the modern theory there are no very much such etudes. There is a huge gap between a granite of the theory and algebra of the reality.

I happened on objects, there is an own judgement.

I have downloaded, everything, that have discovered in the Network, originally, the directory was called WEB\Fedosov, now so: WEB\ACTh for people-Fedosov.

Thanks for your proceedingses and energy!

Yours faithfully,
The manager laboratory of
Controls Technological Processes systems
of scientific research institute ELESI of Tomsk
Udod Alexey Sergeevich


Hello, Boris Trofimovich!

I has read your article on the Exponena-site. Throughout some time we had to prosecute similar subjects, but only not in NFS3 which we too respect, and in so-called systems of virtual dynamic simulation, in particular in system IGRIP/V5 (there are analogues ADAMS, LMS).

I think, that serious researches more often start with a fantasy and plays.


On the bill of programs of dynamic virtual simulation. Now so it is a lot of information, that all simply not to embrace. But matter not that such programs exist or there are such plays, as NFS. And matter in how they are applied. Plays use gamers, and the indicated programs are attracted only for the analysis. That you have presented in the article as I think, is useful, as you and have formulated in an inference, for check of virtual models.


I do not know as in NFS, but there are plays where differential equations are made by development engineers, but are decided in the course of a play. There are corporations which specialise on such software which joins in a play core.


But, I will be iterated, the main thing not that those or other methods are created and computer simulation exists already half a century, and that the up-to-date engineer is simply compelled to work with virtual models since that. Systems will form (and already here and there form) in directly in such packages as IGRIP, paper delineations are not present, systems contain hundred thousand details, and thousand people are involved in process. Therefore, the engineer simply does not have time to make analytical models as it is recommended by textbooks. But he can already spend thousand computational experiments with ready virtual model and divide into parts that information which is necessary to him (as in your article is, for example, air drag; in our work - dynamics model in the necessary regime).

All reminds a natural experiment and re-engineering, only is more low-cost :)

Boris Aleksandrovich Krassy

(the Helsinki technological university)


Dear Boris Trofimovich!

With huge attention I monitor for yours creativity and has been sweetly struck by the article about kinedins and prognodins which has read in day of its publication on a site. Has very much laid down on soul as vague feelings on this subject distress for a long time... If who reproaches you with scholasticism and a metaphysics, but not I...

"Before us the mad theory, a problem in, whether enough it is mad to be correct..." The mysterious nature of force and a mass does not give also to me rest... Has heard from the colleague-physicist determination (the playful?), that the mass is property to react on future (!!!) force also it was final tangled...

On the threshold of a holiday of the Trinity I wish you further successes and new ideas! Thanks you that have switched on on the Internet light for Searching for True!

With the best regards
Bogatyrenko Konstantin Ivanovich, dr.,
professor KhPI, Kharkov, Ukraine