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2. Simulation programs

         2.1. VisSim

         2.2. Mathcad

Links and abstracts

Abstracts and links to short description of simulator VisSim, and also to articles and methodical instruction for are more low given to simulation problems in this program.

Lists of the articles disposed on Russian version of a site are more low brought, and references to the articles translated into English are given. In process of a translation of articles and methodical instructionses references to the English version here will be added.

2.1. Program complex Vissim

Principal toolbar of VisSim 3.0

         Program VisSim, is developed and advanced by company Visual Solutions (USA) under the guidance of Peter Darnell from the beginning 90. VisSim are an abbreviation of expression Visual Simulator - visual environment and a simular. This program - powerful, convenient in usage, compact and an effective remedy of simulation of physical and technical objects, systems and their units.

The program submitives the person a developed graphic interface, using which, the researcher creates model from virtual units with some degree of conditionality the same as if it built the hardware system of the present units. It allows to create, and then to research and optimise models of systems of a broad band of complexity.

Advantages of VisSim:

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2.2. Mathcad

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