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1. ACTh (automatic control theory) problems. Articles

Lists of the articles disposed on Russian version of a site are more low brought, and references to the articles translated into English are given. In process of a translation of articles and methodical instructionses references to the English version will be added here.

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1.4. Synthesis of the automatic control system (ACS)

The assemblage automatic control system synthesis and optimisation methods is known testifies that the universal methods are not discovered yet and projection of the automatic control system in many respects concerns to field of engineering art.

1.5. Nonlinear systems

Any system or object in process of increasing of magnitude of effects on them become nonlinear. The stringent theory of nonlinear systems is difficult enough for engineering applications, therefore engineers-designers are compelled to use with the approximated analytical methods. Object-oriented nonlinear systems simulation programs can essential to simplify the analysis. For example, Visual Solution corporation motto the following: "If the task nonlinear there is a visual solution!"

1.6. Discrete, digital and pulse-amplitude systems (PAS)

1.7. Multi-dimensional objects and systems

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2. Simulation and simulation programs

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