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1. ACTh (automatic control theory) problems. Articles

Lists of the articles disposed on Russian version of a site are more low brought, and references to the articles translated into English are given. In process of a translation of articles and methodical instructionses references to the English version will be added here.

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1.1. Classification of objects and controls systems and their models

Classification so boring occupation, as far as and useful. Good classification allows to survey a subject or its section as a whole and determines the basic concepts and a nomenclature.

1.2. Mathematical description of objects and controls systems

The mathematical description of systems and objects is their analytical model. Such model, depending on entirety of its correspondence to the hardware system or the object, allows to research their properties in a general view. The analytical model can form the basis for construction of objective models of systems units and systems as a whole.

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1.3. The analysis of the automatic control system (ACS)

Investigation of properties and characteristics of existing and designed controls systems the major premise for framing of measures, methods and tools of their optimisation.

1.3.1. Stability

Positive stability degree - indirect characteristic of quality of the automatic control system.

1.3.2. Quality

Quality of the automatic control system is characterised by its ability to solve it's tasks: to execute stabilising and tracing.

1. ACTh (An automatic control theory)
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